Froch v Groves II

Froch V Groves 2 Unfinished Business

I felt like the luckiest man on earth last week after my mate Si told me he’d won tickets to the eagerly anticipated rematch between Carl Froch and George Groves at Wembley Stadium and that he wanted me to go with him!

Their first fight in Manchester last November was spectacular and highly controversial with the underdog Groves knocking down the durable but often exposed Froch in the first round, going on to dominate him for almost all of the next eight rounds before the referee Howard Foster called an end to the bout in the ninth round, awarding Froch a TKO victory after he’d executed his first and only period of sustained pressure in the whole fight on the tenacious Groves who seemed to have enough in him to continue. Many thought the stoppage premature and ultimately in January the IBF order the rematch between the pair or Froch would be stripped of his title.

Needless to say, being a big boxing fan and with this being the biggest fight held in Britain for a long, long time, I was always going to say yes …provided I could get permission from the missus! Luckily being the fantastic wife that she is (and probably happy to get me out of her hair for the night) she let me go and we were able to start making plans.

We only found out for sure that we’d got the tickets a few days before the event and having taken a cursory glance at the hotel prices, it quickly became apparent that the most financially viable and most straightforward option was to catch a direct coach from the nearby town of Chesterfield which dropped us off right outside the stadium and which was scheduled to leave 45 minutes after the main event had finished to bring us back.

Si’s girlfriend Sally drove us from Belper to Chesterfield and having arrived around an hour before we were scheduled to depart we had time for a couple of pints at the Portland Hotel near the coach station. The journey down to the stadium was quite comfortable with plenty of spare seats and room, although the coach did lack toilet facilities; it went pretty quickly as we’d bought a few cans of lager and I’d downloaded the first fight on my phone to watch.

This was my first visit to either the old or new Wembley Stadium and the first thing that hit me when we arrived, other than its sheer size, was the desolate and undeveloped area in which it is situated, especially in comparison to somewhere like the O2 Arena. That said, the stadium itself is a sight to behold, an impressive feat of engineering and architectural brilliance.

Wembley Stadium

When we disembarked the coach we noticed that the majority of the crowd was heading towards a pub at the far end of the coach park towards Wembley Way, despite there being a bar called the Crystal Club considerably closer, just a short walk over the road; it didn’t look quite as nice as the other place but weighing that up against the likely queues for drinks, we opted for the closer option. It seemed to be a mistake when upon approaching we noticed a small scuffle in the front ‘beer garden’ and when we got inside, getting to and from the bar was mayhem.

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World Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness

Today is World Autism Awareness Day (and April is World Autism Awareness Month), please do what you can to learn about Autism and raise the awareness of others.

Below is a short video that gives a simple overview the condition…



“World Autism Awareness Day is about more than generating understanding; it is a call to action. I urge all concerned to take part in fostering progress by supporting education programmes, employment opportunities and other measures that help realize our shared vision of a more inclusive world.”

UN Secretary General – Ban Ki-moon

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Happy Mother’s Day

To my wonderful Mum and also for my amazing wife Claire who is the mother to our sons Jackson and Robson…

Happy Mother Day

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MFM – Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel

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UFC Fight Night 37: Gustafsson v Manuwa – What A Night!

Stu Rich - UFC London

Stu and Rich at UFC Fight Night 37: Gustafsson v Manuwa

Well my first UFC event has been and gone …and what an event it was!

As mentioned previously (see post here), myself and a few friends bought tickets for UFC Fight Night 37: Gustafsson v Manuwa which took place on Saturday night at the O2 Arena in London.

It was the first UFC event for all of us and being big fans of MMA (and the UFC), myself and Rich headed down the day before to make the most of it. We were are a little disappointed to find out that the likes of Bruce Buffer, Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg wouldn’t be in attendance, however given that we wouldn’t be listening to the commentary (£10 for a single use ear piece) we weren’t going to let it get us down.

As I’m a UFC Fight Club member we received passes that allowed us to watch the pre-fight weigh ins and the Q&A sessions with Forrest Griffin, Conor McGregor, Ross Pearson and Joanne Calderwood.

Upon arriving for the weigh ins/Q&A sessions there was real disappointment as there was no clear indication of where Fight members should go and we inadvertently joined a queue with non-members that led to us waiting an hour and a half for an autograph signing session with the fighters etc. which we should have been able to skip …we were only told this when security came around to advise that there would be no further admissions and so we never got any autographs.

Still, things weren’t too bad, we did get our pictures taken with UFC ‘Octagon Girl’ Carly Baker…

Stu and Rich with UFC Octagon Girl Carly Baker

Stu and Rich with UFC Octagon Girl Carly Baker

The Question and Answer session was good fun despite someone asking the question I’d planned to ask almost immediately (to Forrest Griffin regarding his impromptu interviewing of Tito Ortiz in his last fight) which left me trying (unsuccessfully) to think of another for the remainder of the session. Forrest Griffin and Conor McGregor seemed very relaxed, down to earth and were both very funny, as was Ross Pearson who came across as being very insightful. With women’s MMA being relatively new territory I wasn’t familiar with Joanne Calderwood who herself appeared a little uncomfortable being thrust into the spotlight alongside the more established male fighters that she was on stage with. That said, she’s obviously very passionate about fighting and has a real spark, once her nerves have settled and she has a couple of fights in the UFC behind her, I can see her going on to great things.

There was real buzz in the air when the weigh-ins began, largely due to the presence of UFC President Dana White who along with matchmaker Joe Silva didn’t seemed to impressed with the non-UFC merchandise that I’d bought for Rich that he was wearing (the way they were looking at us made me think they were going to have us thrown out at one point)…

Dana White UFC KFC

Dana White Not Lovin’ It!

After the weigh-ins we went for a couple of pints at the O2 and a bite to eat in Greenwich before settling down at the hotel ready for the big day ahead.

The next day we were joined by Roland, Kate and Vince for the event itself and we made our way to O2…

UFC Belper

The Belper Crew at UFC Fight Night 37: Gustafsson v Manuwa (minus Roland who is taking the picture)

The atmosphere inside the sold out arena was electric and after getting a round of beers from a guy carrying a barrel on his back (costing £5 each!) we took our seats, which despite being very high up and steep, gave us a great view of the Octagon; there were also plenty of big screens around for when there was need to focus on the action a little bit more and to watch the replays.

UFC London Seats

Our seats UFC Fight Night 37: Gustafsson v Manuwa

It was surprising how many women were in attendance, however despite this the queues for the men’s toilets were obscene, with many of us electing to do the same thing women have been doing for years in using the other gender’s facilities. Some of the ladies weren’t too happy, but it was either that or miss out entire fights.

The fights themselves were, for the most part of a very high standard; although I was a little disappointed in the performances of both Melvin Guillard (lacked willingness to engage) and Brad Pickett (played it safe against an opponent he should easily beat – at least on paper – and against whom he could consider himself lucky to have got the decision).

The main event was everything I expected and more, the crowd when crazy for both fighters when the entered the cage. Despite Manuwa being the hometown fighter, there was a large Swedish contingent present who were very vocal in the support for Gustafsson. Although he was a significant underdog, Manuwa showed he deserved his main event status in a competitive first round before well placed knee in the second, followed by ferocious ground saw him fall to the first defeat of his MMA career.

All in all, a fantastic event which leaves me desperate to attend one in Las Vegas where the few things that were missing (Bruce Buffer was sorely missed) would serve to be the icing on the cake.

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