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World Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness

Today is World Autism Awareness Day (and April is World Autism Awareness Month), please do what you can to learn about Autism and raise the awareness of others.

Below is a short video that gives a simple overview the condition…



“World Autism Awareness Day is about more than generating understanding; it is a call to action. I urge all concerned to take part in fostering progress by supporting education programmes, employment opportunities and other measures that help realize our shared vision of a more inclusive world.”

UN Secretary General – Ban Ki-moon

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Vote For The Holbrook Centre For Autism To Receive A £3,000 Grant From The Lloyds Bank Community Fund

Lloyds Bank Community Fund

The Lloyds Bank Community Fund is providing grants to support more than 1,300 local good causes in villages, towns and cities across England, Wales and the Isle of Man.

There are four good causes in each community area. The two groups with the most votes will each receive £3,000 and the other two, £300 each.

Please take a minute to visit the webpage here: Lloyds Bank Community Fund and vote for the Holbrook Centre for Autism.

Holbrook Centre for Autism is the only Local Authority special school providing specialist education for pupils with autism aged 4-19 in Derbyshire. They aim to use the award towards funding opportunities for all pupils to develop feelings of confidence, independence, physical and emotional well-being afforded by access to ‘Outdoor Activities’.

You can also vote for Holbrook Centre for Autism by SMS too. Just text VOTE PZSB to 61119. If voting from the Isle of Man, please text VOTE PZSB to 447860016016.

Only one SMS vote per phone number. Texts will be charged at your mobile network provider’s standard rate.

Learn more about the Holbrook Centre for Autism by clicking on the banner below…

Holbrook Centre For Autism

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My Son Jackson and Autism

Recently my son Jackson who is three and a half was diagnosed with autism.

Jackson With Mamma

Jackson reading a book with Mamma

My family and I, along with everyone else close to us including his carers and medical workers had suspected this, or rather known it to be the case for quite some time; whilst it seemed to take forever to get an appointment with the paediatrician in order to confirm the diagnosis, when the day finally arrived the diagnosis was swift.

Jackson is a wonderful, happy child who we love with all of our hearts and we wouldn’t change any part of him; the things that make his so different are also what make him so special. He lacks social skills and the ability to form sentences but is great with puzzles, letters, numbers and individual words. He’s also a very loving child, always willing to give those he likes a cuddle or a kiss; he prefers to avoid his younger brother Robson, pretending that he doesn’t exist for the most part, but is now regularly giving him high fives and a kiss goodnight.

We have no doubt that he will grow to be a normal, fully functioning adult with many fantastic opportunities ahead of him but are also aware that he will always have the condition, there will be difficult times and numerous problems along the way. At least now with the formal diagnosis that he has received, we have the access to support, knowledge and resources to give Jackson the best start that we can.

Click the link below the picture for some information about autism, at the bottom of the post are additional links to further reading and contact details to learn more; please take a few moments to read about the condition and help improve awareness by showing your support to those people that have it whenever you can.

I Love Someone With Autism

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